Kickstarter Games For Sale

Hi everyone. I'm very excited to announce that we've had our first successful transactions on the new marketplace beta launch!

The first sales on the marketplace went to new publisher partner Harrumph Games with their games "I am Death Now?" and "I am Death Now? Mythical Pain Expansion.

This is a pretty monumental occasion for our site. I've been wanting to build an actual marketplace for board games many years now.

Since we went online in 2018, we've heard your feedback that you want more Kickstarter Exclusive games and content and less retail games on the site.

This new marketplace will allow us to find and sell the widest variety of Kickstarter games and exclusives and help our customers discover new indie game titles that they otherwise might not have known about.

Publisher One Day West Games is also a seller on the marketplace. They have two published games currently. Sheep Boom Bah is an "explosive" tile-flipping game about sheep herding. Their other game is Monster Highway - a tile placing game about car crushing, road stomping toxic alligators!  


Another indie publisher who is part of our new marketplace is Sherwood

Games - creator of the Kickstarter game Robots: Battle for the Coal Heart.

This is a family friendly robot battle game that was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2017.

Kickstarted Games was founded in 2018 and is the web's only buy and sell marketplace exclusively for Kickstarter Games.

If you're a publisher of an indie game or if you have Kickstarter Games you'd like to sell, I encourage you to click on the Sell Games link and create a Seller profile.

Once registered, you can immediately begin listing your games on our site and get your games seen by our awesome gaming customers.



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