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Sell Kickstarter Board Games

Downsizing your collection and need to make some space for new games?


Get $$$ for your games!

Are you a hobby game store that's closed due to COVID-19 restrictions? Are you a publisher of an independent board game or card game with extra stock?

Sell Your Games To Our Targeted Audience of thousands of Kickstarter Game Backers!!

Did you have a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign and want to introduce your game to a captive audience of independent gamers?

For a limited time, we are accepting new games consignors. We are able to provide consignors with 24/7 inventory control and quick electronic payments (subject to consignment terms).

SELLERS MUST BE ABLE TO SAFELY PACKAGE AND SHIP THE GAMES sold on our Board Game Marketplace. This means protecting the games with bubble wrap, crumbled newsprint, packing peanuts, etc.

We recommend liberal use of packing material and shipping games in USPS Priority Boxes.

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