Amazing Jungle Run

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Amazing Jungle Run provides fun, immersive gameplay that rewards clever planning. Tactics and strategy work hand in hand as you choose how to build your resources and use them effectively.

Each turn, players get to choose between "actions" of gaining resource or peril cards, or peeking at the bottom of one of the "Jungle"decks.  Then, a player collects all like "commons" from the Jungle decks (and the bonuses those cards might have) or roll the dice for "point" cards or POWER cards.

Cards can work together in unique ways.  For example, near the end of the game, you have learned a 2-point card is at the bottom of a particular deck, and it's all you need to win.  You don't have a "bottom feeder" card, but you do have 2 "hideways" and one "transport".  You hideaway two main deck cards (bringing your 2-pointer closer to the top) , followed by transporting the next card to another deck.  Voila, you're ready to roll for the 2-pointer and the win. You also have a couple "dice changer" cards you've been holding on to, so you feel pretty good about the outcome! 

 "Amazing Jungle Run" can be played SOLO in addition to 2,3, and 4 Players.

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