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Chocolatiers Game - Kickstarted Games
Chocolatiers Game - Kickstarted Games
Chocolatiers Game - Kickstarted Games
Chocolatiers Game - Kickstarted Games

Chocolatiers Game

Daily Magic Games
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This game was Kickstarted in 2019

Setup is quick and game play is easy to learn. For the most part you'll be drafting Chocolate cards, then turning them in to match the chocolates on Box tiles so that you can take the tiles from the line and add them to your Sampler.

The sweet ganache of this game is centered around the interesting puzzle of how to best arrange Box tiles in your Sampler to connect like-flavored chocolates.

Each Box in your Sampler earns you points and end game score tiles with bonus points are awarded to the player who has the largest number of connected chocolates for each type.

Wild Chocolates will help you connect groups together, but you have to use them wisely!

On Your Turn Choose and perform 2 actions from the following 4 actions: Take a Chocolate - Take 1 Chocolate card from the center or discard 1 card from your hand to take 2 Chocolate cards from the center.

Box Chocolates - Discard Chocolate cards from your hand that match the chocolates on a Box tile to take the Box tile and add it to your Sampler.

If you're missing a Chocolate card, you can always discard a pair of matching Chocolates to substitute for any 1 chocolate on the Box tile.

Place a Wild Chocolate - Place 1 of your 3 Wild Chocolate tokens on 1 of the 4 quadrants of a Box tile. The Wild Chocolate will count as any chocolates orthogonally adjacent (above, below, left, and right) to it. This will help you make large connections and win Score tiles at the end of the game! Reserve a Box Tile - Take a Box tile from the line and place 1 of your 3 Wild Chocolate tokens on it.

This reserves the Box tile for you so you can use the Box Chocolates action later to add it to your Sampler. Ending the Game Once a player has placed the 6th Box tile into their Sample, they take the "First" Score tile and the end of the game is triggered. All other players take 1 more full turn.

Then, award the Score tiles, one-by-one, to the player who has the largest connected groups of chocolates in their Sampler. Add up all the points in the center of each Box tile in your Sampler and any Score tiles you were awarded. Gain 1 point for every Wild Chocolate not on a Box tile. The player with the most points wins the game!

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