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A soldier placement board game of deception, intrigue and shifting alliances

Players take to the battlefield as one of the Dogs of War. As Captains of their own private army, each Dog of War has a special ability that will help them win influence and battles, or betray the house they've sworn allegiance to. Players will want to gain influence with the noble houses and make sure those houses are victorious in battle so that their influence is more valuable at the end of the game. Thus the Dogs of War flock to support a house on the rise and are all too quick to betray their previous patrons if things go awry.
There are several pathways to victory, from crushing your opponents in battle to managing to gain influence with the right houses, or simply reaping the best battle rewards offered by them.
Conceived by renowned game designer Paolo Mori, Dogs of War is an elegant game set in a steampunk-influenced renaissance universe. Noble houses engage each other in a series of fierce battles, and it is up to the players and the Dogs of War they control to deploy their private armies in support of whatever house they wish to favor.
Dogs of War features a rich universe for players to immerse themselves in. As such, the land of Gravos and each of the Captains have a fully realized and engrossing history for players to discover. Clockwork knights and imposing war machines shift the tides of war as they enter the battlefields, but the interest of their Dog of War captains actually lie in the rewards offered by each noble house to its supporters.
Publisher: CMON Games
Gameplay: 1 hr
 # of Players: 3-5 Players
Ages: 14+
Box includes:
    • Configurable Game Board
    • 30 Plastic Busts
    • Dogs of War Player Screens.
    • 50 Soldier Cards
    • 32 Tactic Cards
    • 72 House Influence Tokens
    • 36 Coins
  • 60 Victory Point Tokens
  • Rulebook