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Europe Divided Board Game

Ares Games
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Europe Divided is a game of an expansionist Europe, a resurgent Russia, and a new ColdWar, taking place over two periods: 1992-2008 (European Expansion) and 2008-2019(Russian Resurgence). You control of one of the two powers: Europe (controlling both NATOand the European Union) or Russia, managing manage conflicts of political and militaryinfluence.Europe Divided is rich with history and includes today's potential flashpoints, but itfeatures a quick-playing card-driven core mechanism. Players use cards associated withcountries they control to establish political and military influence, gain money, and buildand deploy their military presence.Players score victory points byhaving dominant influencein contested countriesin Central Europe,Eastern Europe, andthe Caucasus. Theplayer with the mostvictory points atthe end of the twoperiods wins.