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Your Mission? Lead a daring rescue attempt to save innocent citizens from the corrupted Paris Nouveau government. You've been in this together form the beginning.

You've had each other's backs. But we fear some of your team may have been bought off by the hunters. Our last team didn't come back. Trust no one but yourself!

“We’ve all heard the claims, of people being hunted, captured. But no one’s been able to confirm, and no one knows why. Biological warfare experiments? Twisted sport? Don’t know. All we know is that we want to rescue as many refugees from that hellhole as possible, so we’re going in. Be on your guard, though—our last team didn’t come back. We’re investigating if some of them may have been corrupted by the hunters; maybe they saw their opportunity and took it for who-knows-what kind of reward. But you’ve been together since this war began, saving each other’s backs any number of times, and we’re confident that your team is as solid as there is. So let’s do this. Good luck.”

At the start of the game, the players are secretly divided into two teams—Hunters and Rescuers. You’ll know which team you are on, but you won’t know who else is on your team, and who isn’t. Everyone on a team wins, or loses together.

The game is played over several rounds, with cards played to advance the Rescuers and Hunter’s efforts to win the game. In each round a Leader will be elected to decide which card to play for the Rescuers.

The elected Leader assigns another person that must play a card for the Hunters. Throughout the game you’ll use abilities, deduction, and guesswork to determine your team members, and together strive to win as a team. A fundamental rule of the game is that players may say anything that they want during the game, regardless of the truth of their statements.

30-45 Minutes | 4-6 Players | Ages 14+

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