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Flotilla Board Game | Wizkidz - Kickstarted Games
Flotilla Board Game | Wizkidz - Kickstarted Games

Flotilla Board Game | Wizkidz

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 1954 - With an explosion over a hundred thousand times more powerful than even the wildest estimates, the Castle Bravo nuclear test obliterated the Bikini Atoll, and ruptured the Earth down to its mantle.

As water levels rose in the aftermath, the remnants of humanity fled their homes and took to the sea. World leadership came together to build a massive Flotilla, mankind's last bastion of civilization.

In Flotilla, you are a Fleet Commander, trying to bring prosperity to humanity's new home. You'll explore the new face of the ocean, salvage whatever you can from the depths, build your crew, and gain influence with the governing guilds. If you do well enough, you might be able to take what you've gathered, and add it to the Flotilla itself by attaching your watercraft.

Your goal is to become the most influential figure in the Flotilla, and lead civilization into a new era. Flotilla features two distinct modes of game play linked with an innovative system.

Players begin the game as Sinksiders, mostly exploring for resources, but can "turn" Skyside at any time to work on expanding the Flotilla, by flipping many of your game components over to fill a different role for the rest of the game!

Components: Rulebook, Game board, Guild board, Dock tiles, Survivor track tiles, Sonar track board, Player boards, Starting tiles, Double-sided objective tiles, Artifact cards, Double-sided crewmen cards, Cubes, Tokens, Dice, and Discs.