Magical Treehouse Board Game

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Magical Treehouse challenges you to a unique drafting experience, attempting to build treehouses, while deploying your familiar tokens onto the board to gain the resources you need.

 As a fledgling wizard, your skills will be judged by how well you can craft potions. The best place to do that is far above the forest floor. The forest contains the ingredients necessary for your alchemy, and you can send your familiars down to retrieve them. Build the tallest treehouses and craft the most powerful potions and you will be held in esteem above all other young wizards!

"When we played Magical Treehouse I was impressed by the high quality components and overall craftsmanship of the game. The linen-touch tokens and cookies all look top notch and the little critter meeples are made of nice wood. Gameplay-wise it's a mid-weight area-control mechanic game that is a cool Japanese import that we don't always get our hands on.  -Rob & Audrey

The game was originally released in Japan under the title Village of Familiars, and it is a challenging and engaging test of strategy and planning.

Part of AEG's "Big in Japan" Line of games translated and produced for the English market. Designed by Hiroki Kasawa.

2-4 Players

60-90 Mins

Ages 14+ (From Rob: The Box says 14+ though honestly I think 10+ should easily be able to play this. There are no mature themes in it and it's not particularly complex. Not sure why they went with 14+ on the box, but I wanted to mention this in case the age rating was giving you pause.)

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