Transmissions Board Game (Kickstarter Edition) | Adam West

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Based on the lovely illustrated world of Matt Dixon, Transmissions brings his world of mechanical friends to life. In the game, players share robots as workers moving around a rondel-styled board, collecting engrams and electricity. These are used to gather ideas to improve your use of the robots or items to score points at the end of the game. You also build your own set of connected, flowing pipes while gathering birds and butterflies to score even more points. The game ends when no ideas are left, a player's robots are complete, or no pipes remain to be built. After an equal number of turns, the player with the highest total score wins!

The game features a unique mechanism of worker selection and sharing with incredible illustrations, adorable miniature robots, and very welcoming play for everyone!

Get a copy of the delightful board game exclusive to Kickstarter PLUS all applicable stretch goals! This level includes the ROBOT STANDEES, and amazing illustrated components - all in a beautiful package!

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