Tumble Town: the Dice Stacking Spatial Puzzle Game Kickstarter Edition

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Tumble Town is a town and engine building spatial puzzle game for 1-4 players in 45 minutes where each building you construct grants you either a dice manipulation power, engine building skill, one time use ability, or additional scoring conditions. 

Includes Kickstarter Exclusive Mini-Expansion

Everyone knows Tumble Town deserves to be the best town in the West - so it needs a mayor to match! The Tumble Townspeople are hosting a competition to turn the town tootin’ and boomin’! It’s up to you to impress them with your construction and planning skills!

In Tumble Town players are rolling dice, constructing buildings, and competing to make the best town in the West.

  •  Dice Manipulation & Engine Building: Each building you construct gives you more powers and options. Certain buildings can let you manipulate the dice, making it easier to continue constructing! Other buildings can generate dice or give extra scoring objectives. 
  •  Spatial Puzzle: Place your constructed buildings along Main Street to create your town. The townspeople want a specific look for the town and if you meet their requirements, you'll gain even more votes from the townspeople!
  •  Added Scoring Conditions: Construct the right buildings and you can gain more scoring conditions as the game progresses! These can include the size of your constructed buildings, the animals and plants near your constructed buildings, or even the types  of buildings constructed by your neighbors. 

Can you build the best town in the West?

Includes Kickstarter Exclusives: Upgraded Player Meeple Gold Dice Upgrade Dice Tower

See it played by Rahdo here:


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