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Valley of the Kings Premium Edition Board Game | AEG Games (PREORDER) - Kickstarted Games

Valley of the Kings Premium Edition Board Game | AEG Games (PREORDER)

Alderac Entertainment
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Take on the role of Egyptian nobles at the time of the pharaohs, preparing for death and burial in the Valley of the Kings. Players want to fill their tombs with food, canopic jars, statues, amulets and other treasures, and to do so they acquire cards that are laid out in the shape of a pyramid; purchase cards at the base of the pyramid, and it "crumbles" to bring cards higher in the pyramid to the base where they can be bought.

The pyramid resets each round with new offerings. You score only for cards that you remove from your deck and stash in your tomb, so if you keep using valuable cards for their effects and don't entomb them before the game ends, you could lose out on big points!

Whoever collects the most valuable artifacts in their tomb wins. Valley of the Kings: Premium Edition includes all the cards from the three previously released games (Valley of the Kings, Afterlife, Last Rites), plus the components needed to play with a fifth and sixth player.

It also includes rules for solo play, and dividers for all the cards. The components are upgraded to 300+ tarot-sized cards.

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